Grow Music Workshops Meteo Description CV

Grow Music Workshops

Meteo Festival 2022

Workshop Description CV

Paul Abbot will guide a group workshop series exploring how we can grow real and imaginary music: new, strange and organic.

During the workshop sessions, the focus will be on listening and play: making and exploring sounds, and the interactions of body and materials which excite those those sounds; in real time, with other people. Through this experimental play we will develop structures, to guide improvisation. These might be

  • musical (different sounds),
  • fictional (imaginary characters) or
  • symbolic (a word or diagram).

The sounds we will make, and the structures which will have been grown will be our unique, situation specific, 'real and imaginary' music.

These sessions are intended to be as open as possible: no musical training, performance experience, instrument or language is necessary. If you have any of these, you are also welcome.

The objective of these workshops is to explore new exploratory, experimental and non-standard ways of making music beyond what we might already know. We will guide and learn about each other, and deepen our understanding of the environment in which this takes place.